Easy method to install Skype in CentOS 6.3, RHEL 6.3, Fedora 19

This guide explains you how to install Skype on CentOS , Redhat linux. Installing Skype in CentOS and RHEL requires more dependencies and it’s not possible to install all the dependencies manually. So the better option is setup a repo for Skype or install a repository which contains Skype. The Nux Desktop repositoruy contains Skype and its dependencies.skype

This easy installation guide is applicable to CentOS -6.x and Redhat Enterprise Linux – 6.x

Setup Repository for Skype

1. First find out your Centos or RHEL architecture


X86_64 – 64 bit linux
i386 – 32 bit Linux

2. If your OS is 64 bit linux then use this

rpm -ivh http://li.nux.ro/download/nux/dextop/el6/x86_64/nux-dextop-release-0-2.el6.nux.noarch.rpm

or else if your OS is 32 bit linux, then use this

rpm -ivh http://li.nux.ro/download/nux/dextop/el6/i386/nux-dextop-release-0-2.el6.nux.noarch.rpm

3. Clean your repositories, if required

yum clean all

4. Install Skype now

yum install skype

For more information
It will ask you to import key, just say “yes”

warning: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 85c6cd8a: NOKEY
Retrieving key from file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-nux.ro
Importing GPG key 0x85C6CD8A:
Userid : Nux.Ro (rpm builder)
Package: nux-dextop-release-0-2.el6.nux.noarch (installed)
From : /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-nux.ro
Is this ok [y/N]: y

libjpeg-turbo.i686 0:1.2.1-1.el6
libjpeg-turbo.x86_64 0:1.2.1-1.el6
skype.i586 0:

Dependency Installed:
alsa-lib.i686 0:1.0.22-3.el6
dbus-libs.i686 1:1.2.24-7.el6_3
expat.i686 0:2.0.1-11.el6_2
flac.i686 0:1.2.1-6.1.el6
fontconfig.i686 0:2.8.0-3.el6
freetype.i686 0:2.3.11-14.el6_3.1
gamin.i686 0:0.1.10-9.el6
glib2.i686 0:2.22.5-7.el6
glibc.i686 0:2.12-1.107.el6
libICE.i686 0:1.0.6-1.el6
libSM.i686 0:1.2.1-2.el6
libX11.i686 0:1.5.0-4.el6
libXScrnSaver.i686 0:1.2.2-2.el6
libXau.i686 0:1.0.6-4.el6
libXext.i686 0:1.3.1-2.el6
libXi.i686 0:1.6.1-3.el6
libXrender.i686 0:0.9.7-2.el6
libXtst.i686 0:1.2.1-2.el6
libXv.i686 0:1.0.7-2.el6
libasyncns.i686 0:0.8-1.1.el6
libgcc.i686 0:4.4.7-3.el6
libogg.i686 2:1.1.4-2.1.el6
libselinux.i686 0:2.0.94-5.3.el6
libsndfile.i686 0:1.0.20-5.el6
libstdc++.i686 0:4.4.7-3.el6
libtiff.i686 0:3.9.4-9.el6_3
libuuid.i686 0:2.17.2-12.9.el6
libvorbis.i686 1:1.2.3-4.el6_2.1
libxcb.i686 0:1.8.1-1.el6
ncurses-libs.i686 0:5.7-3.20090208.el6
nss-softokn-freebl.i686 0:3.12.9-11.el6
pulseaudio-libs.i686 0:0.9.21-14.el6_3
readline.i686 0:6.0-4.el6
sqlite.i686 0:3.6.20-1.el6
tcp_wrappers-libs.i686 0:7.6-57.el6
zlib.i686 0:1.2.3-29.el6

Dependencies Updated:
dbus.x86_64 1:1.2.24-7.el6_3
dbus-libs.x86_64 1:1.2.24-7.el6_3
dbus-x11.x86_64 1:1.2.24-7.el6_3
freetype.x86_64 0:2.3.11-14.el6_3.1
glibc.x86_64 0:2.12-1.107.el6
glibc-common.x86_64 0:2.12-1.107.el6
libSM.x86_64 0:1.2.1-2.el6
libX11.x86_64 0:1.5.0-4.el6
libX11-common.noarch 0:1.5.0-4.el6
libXScrnSaver.x86_64 0:1.2.2-2.el6
libXau.x86_64 0:1.0.6-4.el6
libXext.x86_64 0:1.3.1-2.el6
libXi.x86_64 0:1.6.1-3.el6
libXrender.x86_64 0:0.9.7-2.el6
libXtst.x86_64 0:1.2.1-2.el6
libXv.x86_64 0:1.0.7-2.el6
libblkid.x86_64 0:2.17.2-12.9.el6
libgcc.x86_64 0:4.4.7-3.el6
libstdc++.x86_64 0:4.4.7-3.el6
libtiff.x86_64 0:3.9.4-9.el6_3
libuuid.x86_64 0:2.17.2-12.9.el6
libxcb.x86_64 0:1.8.1-1.el6
pulseaudio.x86_64 0:0.9.21-14.el6_3
pulseaudio-libs.x86_64 0:0.9.21-14.el6_3
pulseaudio-module-bluetooth.x86_64 0:0.9.21-14.el6_3
pulseaudio-module-gconf.x86_64 0:0.9.21-14.el6_3
pulseaudio-module-x11.x86_64 0:0.9.21-14.el6_3
pulseaudio-utils.x86_64 0:0.9.21-14.el6_3
util-linux-ng.x86_64 0:2.17.2-12.9.el6
zlib.x86_64 0:1.2.3-29.el6

libjpeg.x86_64 0:6b-46.el6


After Successfully installed Skype in your linux box, go to Applications –> Internet –> Skype


Please add your suggestions in the comment box.

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